Fire Clay

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Fire clay that is widely demanded for general mortar and low iron content mortar applications. Fire Clay Powder, offered by us, can with stand temperatures of 700O C to 1600o C. Fire Clay is a term applied to arrange of refractory clays used in manufacture of ceramics especially fire brick. Fire Clay is mineral aggregate composed of hydras silicate of aluminum (AL2O3.2SIO2. 2H2O) with or without free silica. Fire Clay Powder is resistant to high temperatures having fusion points higher than 1600oC and is reliable for living furnaces. We are offering a wide variety of Fire Clay Powder that we offer is hugely sought-after in a number of industries for its various features such as high temperature resistance.

Uses of Fire Clay Powder:

  • Ceramic Products Manufacturing
  • Lining Furnaces
  • Fire bricks Manufacturing
  • All Types of furnace
  • Steel industry
  • Foundry

Uses of Fire Clay Mortar:

Fire Clay Mortar is used in various applications of Petrochemical, Steel, and cement industries. Fire Clay is an outstanding engineering ceramic, presenting brilliant electrical insulation properties collected with high hardness and good wear resistance but moderately low strength and fracture

The fireclays are graded into:
i) low duty
ii) intermediate duty
iii) high duty and
iv) super duty